Project "Democracy and Transparency" Trade unions are a key element in modern democracies. They are the main instrument for workers to be represented as a collective vis-a-vis the employers and the state. They introduce a specific logic of action into the world of labour, following the principles of social justice and solidarity. Thus, trade unions oppose the market mechanisms that promote inhuman competition between people and they combat against authoritarian behavior in companies as well as in society. The union movement is therefore a very important factor in promoting a PARTICIPATORY DEMOCRACY.

To be able to successfully play this role, democracy in trade union organisations themselves must be participatory, opening spaces of intervention for their militants. In this context transparency in the internal life of trade unions is essential. It is important for democracy in the trade union itself and it is important for the credibility of the trade union movement in society.

Hence, the Instituto Ruben Rolo decided to launch the project "DEMOCRACY AND TRANSPARENCY" which aims to promote an informed debate on the trade unions. This debate seeks to be open, critical and constructive, to encourage participation within the trade unions and their democratic intervention in society.

The first element of this project is to build a "DATABASE FOR PORTUGUESE TRADE UNIONS." It will contain information on the internal elections in the trade unions, including the elections in which their own members are called to elect their representatives in deliberating bodies (usually the delegates to the Congress). The data on each election shall include, in principle:

The team of the Instituto Ruben Rolo will carry out its own research to create this database, but the success of data collection will depend in large part on the active support of trade unionists, scientists, journalists and others who have data and/or relevant documents. We would like to point out that all trade union elections since the revolution in 1974 are of interest.

We invite everybody who is interested to make a contribution to this project. Anyone who has information that he/she thinks interesting, can contact us via e-mail The team of the Instituto Ruben Rolo will insert the numbers in the database, after a scientific assessment of the information sent. This will be placed afterwards on the website of the Instituto Ruben Rolo and thus serve as a source of information for everybody who is interested.

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